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mPower People was previously known as Henderson, Power and Associates. It is the longest established private dispute management and resolution firm in Western Australia. We were established in 1990 to provide specialised conflict management and resolution services. While our services have expanded, our focus remains in managing conflict and working with a wide range of clients to meet their needs in this specialised field.

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What we do.

We are a small and specialised business. The services we offer are tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs. Click each service to read more:

Conflict Resolution

We often see conflict as something dangerous and to be avoided or crushed.  Conflict can leave people feeling uncomfortable and unsure how best to deal with the situation. As people, we develop habitual ways of dealing with conflict and sometimes these ways no long work.  mpower people help parties to explore alternative options to resolve conflict.  This can involve mediation, facilitation, team building and other approaches.

Training & Workshops

mpower people provide a range of training programmes and workshops. The programmes are based upon the professional experience and expertise of the presenters and designed specifically to meet the needs of the group or organisation.

  • Conflict resolution and management (including ADR Processes)
  • Facilitation
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Team leadership and development
  • Effective communication
  • Personal and Professional Boundaries in the Workplace
  • Grief and Loss

We all negotiate, every day.  We negotiate in our personal life, with our children and our partners; we negotiate if we buy a car or a house.  Negotiation is about acknowledging we have these skills and transferring them into the workplace.   The aim is not to only reach an agreement, but to do so in such a way that does not damage the relationship.  Through workshops, individual coaching, or specifically designed training programs, we can improve the quality and effectiveness of your negotiation processes.

Grievance Investigations

There are times when grievances arise in the workplace.  Getting to the bottom of what has or is happening is important to be able to move forward and to resolve or act upon the grievance.  mpower people are trained and qualified in grievance investigation and follow due process and procedural fairness.  Meetings and skilled interviews are conducted, and all aspects of the grievance and circumstances surrounding the events are explored.  A targeted report is compiled at the completion of the investigation.  In these situations, it is important to act quickly and get expert help.


Mediation is a common sense approach to dispute resolution.  mpower people provide experienced mediators to assist parties in dispute and to negotiate a solution to their issues.

Mediation seeks to:

  • re-establish communication between the parties
  • deal with both the facts and the perspectives of the issues
  • assist the parties to negotiate an outcome.

The mediator:

  • remains neutral
  • seeks to establish trust and credibility both with and between the parties.

Many of us work in difficult or stressful environments.  We often deal with complex situations, whether in the business office or out in the community.  People work better if they take the opportunity to regularly debrief, no matter what area of work they are undertaking.  Debriefing can be with colleagues or supervisors; however often there is a need for an independent and confidential person skilled in this area.  The purpose of engaging in a supervision process or providing this services for your team members can include:

  • an opportunity to examine job performance
  • examine issues which may have arisen
  • an avenue for reducing stress
  • professional development
  • quality of service for clients

mpower people can provide supervision which will assist in developing competent, accountable, empowered and anti-discriminatory practices in the workplace.  Supervision is based on an understanding of how adults learn coupled with a person’s desire to reflect on their experiences.


Facilitators are neutral and are engaged to assist groups to engage in discussion, planning and decision making.  The facilitator will help a group to:

  • use an effective process to discuss what, are often, difficult issues;
  • help participants to stay on topic;
  • assist them to see how their views are similar and different;
  • understand the assumptions underlying their discussions

The facilitator sets the boundaries for this interaction to take place effectively.


Coaching involves helping people to gain greater competence and confidence by guiding and motivating them to improve their performance.  mpower people provide coaching to assist an individual to achieve the necessary competence (knowledge and skills) and confidence (attitude) to perform their role.

Leadership & Team Development

The ability to lead and facilitate teams is vital. mpower people work with aspiring leaders to assist them to lead a team more effectively.  We provide a set of tools and skills to help facilitate, plan, solve problems and manage differing views.  A key aspect to team development is recognising and drawing on individual strengths within the team, to create a greater team.  The group as a whole becomes effective and cohesive in their interactions and in the achievement of their mutual goals.


While similar to Coaching, mentoring operates by co-ordinating, guiding and encouraging an individual to achieve their overall potential. Mentoring can assist you and your staff to reach their potential.

Guest Speaker & Presenter

Mary Power is as well known and in demand for her presentation skills, as she is for her mediation, negotiation and facilitation work.  Mary’s speaking engagements draw on her expertise and professional and personal experiences accumulated over 20 years in a difficult and challenging industry.   Mary’s presentations are always passionate and humorous whilst informative and engaging.

Who we work with.

We have a large number and range of clients in WA, interstate and overseas. These include:

  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Educational sector: primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Health Services: private and public
  • Commercial and business
  • Management and Consulting firms
  • Resources industry
  • Community and not for profit organisations

Local, State & Federal Government


Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Education


Health Services


Commercial & Business


Management and Consulting Firms

Resources Industry




Not for Profit Organisations

Who we are.

Mary Power – Director

Mary has worked as a mediator, facilitator and trainer for more than 20 years. Mary has lectured in Masters Programmes at Curtin University and in the Law School at UWA. She has extensive experience as a facilitator, negotiator, mediator and trainer. Mary’s expertise takes her into the field of leadership and team development, specialising in what some may see as more ‘challenging’ projects. Mary has built up a formidable reputation in this area.

Mary is a member of a range of professional associations, including the Resolution Institute and is a Senior Partner in the Curtin Graduate School Centre for Innovation in Decision Quality.

Qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts degree; Post Grad Diploma Education; Masters in Social Science.

Karen Harrop – Senior Associate

Karen has been with Mpower People for 10 years and provides business management, counselling and mediation services. She has been in the human services industry working with couples, families and individuals for 25 years.

Karen’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Science (Psych); Masters in Social Science (counselling), Certified Genetic Counsellor.

What people say.

“I was inspired to bring Ms Power to Kalgoorlie after I attended a business masterclass workshop in Perth. I was blown away by her knowledge and the engaging manner in which she delivered the workshop – I realised how lucky I was to be the recipient of such quality training and I wanted to share this knowledge with my fellow business owners in Kalgoorlie”

Tracy Browning, Goldfields Women in Business
June 22nd 2016

“Our senior management team worked with Mary Power during a major re-organisation of our company. Mary provided effective strategies to navigate through this challenging time and was invaluable in ensuring we managed this change in a highly productive and positive manner.”

General Manager Asia Pacific, CAE Mining

“Mary was a first rate facilitator working with an especially difficult group. We achieved outstanding outcomes as a result of her work.”

Anne, Office Manager Private Healthcare

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Dispute management and resolution is complex. Recognising that there is an issue is just the beginning. The most important first step is to email or call so we can have a chat about what works best for you and your business.

Phone: (08) 9474 5777
Email: info@mpowerpeople.com.au

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